Article 4 Directions

Public consultation on Proposed Controls on Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) conversions is now closed.

We are consulting on proposals to introduce some restrictions on the rights of homeowners to convert existing housing into Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) covering two areas. These are in the Stoke Park and Cheswick ward, and to the east of Southmead Road and Gloucestershire Road North in the Filton ward.

By introducing an Article 4 Directive (A4D), the council has power to remove the right of property owners (called permitted development rights) to convert their properties to a ‘House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)’ for up to 6 rooms for rent, also known as a ‘small HMO’, without needing to apply for planning permission.

We would like your views on the “Consultation on Proposed Controls on HMO Conversions in Filton and Stoke Park & Cheswick” which is available on our consultation page.

If you do not receive email confirmation when registering on our consultation system for the first time, check your spam or junk folders for the message. You can also email your comments to

The consultation proposals ran from 7 February 2022 to 4 April 2022.

Supplementary planning documents

Supplementary planning documents (SPD) provide more guidance on Local Plan policies. The following SPDs have been adopted or approved for adoption.

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Other SPDs

The programme for new documents is set out in the local development scheme and consultation drafts may be available to view.

Supplementary planning guidance (SPG)

A list of SPGs that have been adopted by the council is set out in appendix 4 of the local development scheme 2007-2009. Due to their age most SPGs are only available in hard copy , please contact us for further information.

Village Design Statements

The council has endorsed the following village design statements prepared by local communities

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The council has adopted the Golden Valley Mill, Bitton concept statement.

Other planning guidance

The four West of England authorities and the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) have jointly published this toolkit to promote a more positive and consistent approach to handling large scale and complex development proposals – one where the authorities, developers and stakeholders work together to deliver high quality planning applications and effective decision taking. It has been produced because a streamlined and collaborative planning system is key to securing the investment needed to protect and enhance the environment and enable sustainable economic growth

A guide to the design of informal home zones in new development

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The council has endorsed the Patchway Town Centre Vision:

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