You have a right to view the minutes, reports and agendas from our council, cabinet and public committee meetings.

These are usually available 5 working days before a meeting takes place and can be viewed online and at our Thornbury, Kingswood, Yate and Chipping Sodbury town council buildings. Copies will also be available at the time a meeting takes place.

Draft minutes will be available to view as soon as possible after the meeting.

The final minutes of any meeting are one of the first items on the agenda in the next meeting.

Access to background papers

At the end of each report will be a list of background papers. You have the right to view these.

To do this you will need to contact the officer responsible for writing the paper. Their details will be listed at the end of the report.

Access to other documents

You also have rights to other information such as the right to inspect the councillors’ registers of interest.

Exempt information

Most paperwork considered by councillors in public meetings is available to the public.

However the law states that certain information may not be put in the public domain. This is known as exempt information.

If a report contains exempt information the writers must explain why by quoting the exempt information paragraphs from the revised Schedule 12A, of Section 100l of the Local Government Act of 1972.

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