Charfield Neighbourhood Plan Area

The referendum to decide if we should use the Neighbourhood Plan for Charfield to help us decide planning applications in the area was held on Thursday 6 May 2021.

The result of the referendum was that 92.5% of voters were in favour of the plan. 

Under the Neighbourhood Planning Act (2017) if a plan is supported at referendum, it becomes part of the Statutory Development Plan from that point (unless we decide not to make the plan).

We determined that we will make the plan.

We have formally made the plan for use in the planning system as part of the Statutory Development Plan through a decision statement.

Planning decisions should be made in accordance with the Statutory Development Plan unless there are other material considerations that indicate otherwise.

All referendum documents and the final made plan are available on our consultations page.

Evidence Base

The following evidence base documents support particular policies in the plan:

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