We provide affordable homes in South Gloucestershire to help people who cannot afford to buy on the open market or rent private property at commercial rates.

We work in partnership with housing associations and private developers to provide these types of housing:

  • homes for social rent
  • homes for affordable rent
  • affordable homes to buy

New affordable homes are available in:

  • new private developments
  • affordable housing schemes
  • rural exception sites in villages

Homes West

Homes West is a panel of registered providers who work with us to deliver new affordable homes in South Gloucestershire.

For more information you can read our statement on the Homes West partnership.

Register with us

You must register with our HomeChoice service to be eligible to bid for a rented affordable home.

Rural affordable housing

Our statement of commitment on rural affordable housing sets out our approach to sustainable development in rural areas.

Opportunities for rural development are limited but rural exception sites can provide affordable housing if a local need can be demonstrated.

Housing development that helps to sustain village communities, schools and services is balanced with any potential negative impacts.

Read our housing strategy and our sustainable community strategy for more information.

Delivering housing growth

We are working with partner organisations to achieve our vision and ambitions for housing which we have set out in our housing strategy.

Our core strategy shows our commitment to delivering planned growth to housing in 2006-2027 which includes 35% affordable homes.

Guidance for developers

There is more information on how the requirement for 35% affordable housing and extra care housing in new developments can be achieved in the supplementary planning document.

There is further information on our planning policy guidance page and our planning applications page.

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