If you want a relative or friend from outside the UK to come and live with you and they need to apply for a visa, you may be asked for an independent assessment of the property where they are going to stay. 

This is to make sure the property is safe, in good condition and not overcrowded. 

Immigration services require evidence that a housing inspection for immigration purposes is completed by a qualified officer. 

You can ask us to inspect your property to make sure it is suitable for relatives, friends or visitors from overseas to visit you or live with you permanently.

We aim to inspect your property within 10 working days of receiving a request.

Contact us

You can ask us to inspect your property to make sure it is suitable for occupation by:

Before the visit

Make sure you have the following information before you ask us for a housing inspection: 

  • your contact details as the sponsor  
  • details of the person(s) entering the UK including name, age, gender, and relationship to you 
  • the names and dates of birth of all other people living at the property 
  • address of the property they will live in

For rented properties, you will need to provide: 

  • contact details for the landlord 
  • a copy of the current gas safety certificate  
  • a copy of the electrical installation condition report for the property 

After the visit

After the inspection we will write to you confirming: 

  • the date of inspection 
  • the number of rooms in use at the property 
  • whether extra residents will make the property overcrowded 

You can then send this letter to the immigration department that requested it. 


The fee for an inspection visit is £199.60 from 1 April 2024.

If you require an urgent next day inspection and an email response the fee is £250.70.

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