Tell us about a problem with a road marking on a road, footpath or cycleway.

This could be that a road marking is:

  • missing
  • faded
  • incorrect

How to report it

You can either do this:

  • by signing in or registering for a South Gloucestershire Council account
  • as a guest (we will ask for your phone number and email address, but you do not have to give it to us)
Report a problem with a road marking

What happens next

The road marking will be inspected within 10 days of you reporting it.

We then decide whether to:

  • fix the problem as soon as possible or
  • add it to a long term programme of work

How we schedule repairs

We schedule repairs in the best way we can, balancing the needs of the travelling public with the seriousness or urgency of the problem, aiming to:

  • prioritise the safety of all road users
  • minimise disruption
  • ensure money is not wasted carrying out repairs in unsuitable conditions

To carry out repairs safely often requires setting up lane closures, temporary traffic lights and sometimes diversions. This takes careful planning and coordination with contractors and other agencies.

As with any outdoor activity, the schedule can be disrupted by bad weather.

Renewing road markings is particularly problematic during winter months, when it can be freezing or wet and the roads covered in mud and salt. If the road surface is not dry the new markings will fail to bond.

For this reason we schedule most road marking renewal work between April and September.

Privacy notice

Find out how we collect, use and share your data in our privacy notice for reporting a problem with a road, footpath or cycleway.

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