Tell us about a problem with a manhole cover on a road, footpath, or cycleway.

This could be that a cover is:

  • missing
  • damaged
  • loose
  • noisy when traffic passes over it

How to report it

You can either do this:

You can also upload a photo to help us find the problem.

Report a problem with an manhole cover

What happens next

We will inspect the problem sometime between 2 hours and 10 days after you report it. This depends on how serious it is.

We then decide whether to:

  • fix the problem
  • refer it to someone else (for example, a utility company )
  • add it to our long-term programme of work

If we feel that no further action is needed at this time we will close the report.

Privacy notice

Find out how we collect, use and share your data in our privacy notice for reporting a problem with a road, footpath, or cycleway.

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