There are different types of pedestrian crossings, these are:

  • Zebra
  • Pelican
  • Puffin
  • Toucan
  • Pegasus

You can find out more about them in this guide from the RAC.

Unlike other crossings, pedestrians have priority at zebra crossings. There are no traffic lights, only the belisha beacons (round flashing orange lights on striped posts). You can report a problem with a zebra crossing online.

To report problems with other types of crossing you should call us on 01454 868000 (24 hours, 7 days a week).

When and where we install crossings

We install pedestrian crossings where a need for a safer crossing point has been identified. This is usually at or near road junctions but can be at other locations.

We use zebra crossings:

  • at locations with less or slower moving traffic
  • where the speed limit is 30mph or lower

We use crossings with traffic lights:

  • where a zebra crossing would result in heavy flows of people crossing, causing traffic to build up
  • at locations with fast moving or heavy traffic
  • on strategic routes and main distributor roads

For people with additional needs, such as partially sighted or hard of hearing, all crossings have tactile surfaces. Crossings with traffic lights have tactile rotating cones as well, that are linked to the flashing red and green man lights.

Requesting a new crossing

If you think there is a strong case for a new pedestrian crossing in your area, you can make a request on our request a highway improvement page.

Any request will need parish council or local councillor support to be progressed.

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