Bollards are installed on footpaths to:

  • protect pedestrians
  • prevent vehicles from driving along them

We install pedestrian bollards only in specific circumstances.

We do not install them to prevent parking on pavements or verges.

We can only install them where there is enough space so that they do not cause problems for wheelchair, mobility scooter or children’s buggy users.

Where they are installed they add to our overall repair costs as they can be easily damaged.

What to do about vehicles using a footpath or pavement

Vehicles seen regularly driving on a footpath or pavement should be reported to the police in the first instance. There are several ways to do this:

What to do about vehicles parked on a footpath or pavement

Obstruction and dangerous parking are police matters. These include parking on the pavement and across driveways and entrances.

We are only able to enforce where there are parking restrictions in place. Visit our report a parking problem page to find out more.

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