Both drivers and motorcyclists can take steps to avoid crashes or accidents on the road.

Advice for drivers

Drivers must take care pulling out of a side road or turning right across traffic. You should look and look again.

Motorcycles can be difficult to see because of their size. You should be aware of your surroundings and look out for motorcycles. You can find out more on Think’s motorcycle strategy.

You should take care and watch out for motorcycles when you are:

  • at junctions
  • overtaking
  • parked

 General driving tips

When you are driving you must not:

  • use your mobile – even hands-free mobiles will distract you 
  • park close to junctions because you restrict the view of riders and drivers trying to emerge
  • pull out suddenly, on a wet road it is difficult to safely swerve or brake hard to avoid a car

Advice for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists can get advice from the police rider’s handbook Motorcycle Roadcraft to improve their own safety when riding a motorcycle. 

When you are riding it is recommended to:

  • ride so that you can see other vehicles and they can see you – at least midway between the kerb and the central white line
  • adjust this position for oncoming traffic or traffic emerging from a side road
  • never assume that another driver has seen you
  • move your position and slow down if you are in doubt
  • consider using your bike’s horn to alert drivers you are there
  • remember cars and vans cannot get away from stationary like a motorcycle so make allowances
  • make good progress but make it progressively
  • keep your speed should be appropriate to road conditions
  • regularly check your tyres
  • check your tyre pressures weekly. Underinflated tyres will cause handling and stability problems for you

You should not:

  • not tailgate a car, sit away from it, and give yourself space
  • ride too closely to the kerb if possible. This applies even if your bike is small and low powered
  • ride between lanes of traffic at high speed.
  • use the road like a racetrack

More information

For more information visit Raise your Ride.

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