Find out what we are doing to reduce speeding in South Gloucestershire.

Speed limits

We have a responsibility to set speed limits on our roads.  

To set safe speed limits we assess the local environment and consider road use and crash history.

What we do to help reduce speeding

To help reduce speeding we do the following:

  • use vehicle activated speed signs to remind drivers of their speed
  • run education campaigns to raise awareness of dangerous driving

Request a temporary vehicle activated speed sign for your road by emailing

Traffic calming

Traffic calming measures can help to keep safe speeds. They also protect our most vulnerable road users.

You can request new traffic management and road safety improvements.

Speed enforcement

Avon and Somerset Police are responsible for enforcing speed limits on the roads.

They also support local communities to monitor speeding drivers through community speed watch programmes

If you are worried about speeding in your area report it to Avon and Somerset Police.

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