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You must report parking problems to the police if the vehicle is causing an obstruction or hazard.

Obstruction and dangerous parking are police matters. These include parking on the pavement and across driveways and entrances.

We can only enforce where there are parking restrictions in place. If so, you can report this to us.

You can report to us any other parking infringements listed below.

Report to us

Report parking to us if someone has parked:

  • on double yellow lines
  • on single yellow lines outside the permitted hours (shown on local signs)
  • in a space for Blue Badge holders or in a residential parking bay, unless they are entitled to do so
  • in a marked taxi bay
  • in a marked bus stop or bus lane
  • on school keep clear markings (yellow zig zags) with signs present
  • parked across or over a pedestrian dropped kerb

We try to visit the reported location as soon as possible but do not operate a reactive service and are unable to send an officer immediately.

If there is a danger to the public, please report it to the police on 101.

We are unable to issue Penalty Charge Notices based on evidence provided to us.

You can report a parking problem to us:

Report to the police

Report parking problems to the police if a parked vehicle is causing an obstruction or hazard by:

  • obstructing a pavement causing pedestrians difficulties using it or to having to step into the road
  • obstructing a footpath
  • parking in a dangerous position such as on pedestrian crossing zig zags
  • blocking a road
  • parking opposite or within ten metres of a junction (Highway Code Rule 243)
  • preventing you from being able to get your vehicle off your driveway (try to find the owner and ask them to move the vehicle before reporting)
  • preventing ambulances or fire engines from accessing a road

You can report a vehicle causing an obstruction to the police:

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