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All major* (residential and non-residential) development proposals are required by Local Planning Application Requirements to include the submission of energy information. This should be in the form of a sustainable energy statement, or as part of a design and access statement.

* major development is defined as residential development comprising 10 or more dwellings, or development comprising over 1000 square metres of floor space.

Our guidance sets out the minimum information that needs to be included so that we can ensure the development complies with relevant planning policies. The relevant planning policies are:

  • Policies, Sites and Places (PSP) plan – policy 6 “On site renewable and low carbon energy” (Adopted November 2017)
  • Core Strategy policies (Adopted December 2013)
    • CS1(8) “High Quality Design”
    • CS3 “Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Generation”
    • CS4 “Renewable or Low Carbon District Heat Networks”

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