A commercial travel plan is a package of measures designed to reduce vehicle journeys for staff, visitors and deliveries to commercial sites.

We work with a range of businesses across the area to help them identify areas where improvements could be made, provide support and encourage them to help people increase active and sustainable travel.  

Existing organisations are funded through Department for Transport funds and new businesses are funded as part of the planning permission for their new site.

Our involvement

We work with commercial travel plans in 3 main areas.

New developments

As travel behaviours are most likely to change at a life transition point (for example, starting a new job), we work with businesses in new developments to support the roll out of effective travel plans.

Monitor travel plan coordinators

We monitor other coordinators to make sure that travel plans are being delivered efficiently and effectively.

Business community

We work with commercial organisations in South Gloucestershire to provide support with increasing active and sustainable travel for employees and visitors.

Depending on funding and availability the support we provide can include:

  • providing travel planning support for businesses with free advice on effective travel measures that can be put in place
  • access to a range of free offers (including sustainable travel roadshow events for businesses, Dr Bikes, bike maintenance training, bike security marking, loan bikes scheme, adult cycle training and personalised travel planning)
  • access to the annual Travel to Work Survey (businesses that receive over 30 responses are given an analysis report for their organisation including the raw data and businesses with less than 30 responses are given the raw data)


For more information about a travel plan relating to a planning application email dctransport@southglos.gov.uk.

For general information about travel plans or to find out more about how we can support your organisation email transport.policy@southglos.gov.uk.

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