Answers to your questions about Ladden Garden Village housing development in Yate.

School provision

Initial feasibility work has now been completed, so what is the current timescale for completion of the Dowsell Way Primary School?

Construction work has not yet started, and we do not have an anticipated completion date at this stage.

There are, however, primary school places available at Tyndale Primary and more widely in the surrounding area. Council admissions data shows that there are pupils attending schools outside the school planning area, including at Frampton Cotterell, but they would have been able to access places within the school planning area.

We are currently in discussions with the developer regarding the proposed primary school provision. Following these discussions, officers will make their recommendations to enable design to move forward in 2023.

Where required, we will ensure that any short-term demand is managed by utilising existing surplus places or by providing additional provision in existing schools.

What plans are in place for the second primary school (Fletcher Road) and when do you envisage work to start?

This primary school would be delivered after completion of the first primary school and would be subject to demand.

What is the current situation regarding the nursery on Doswell Way, when is construction anticipated to start and when do you expect to complete the work?

The developer has stated that the nursery construction will start from the week commencing 23 January 2023.

It is anticipated that the build programme will take 44 weeks, with completion due in November 2023. Handover to the nursery provider is expected to take place shortly after this date.

What is the anticipated start and completion time for the nursery on Fletcher Road?

The nursery on Fletcher Way is expected to be delivered after the completion of the Dowsell Way nursery. This would be subject to demand and the identification of an operator for the nursery.

The construction of the Fletcher Way nursery would be anticipated to take a similar amount of time as the nursery on Dowsell Way, around 44 weeks.

What provision are you making for secondary school pupils and how do you plan to accommodate growing numbers of pupils?

There are 3 secondary schools serving the Yate and Chipping Sodbury school planning area: Brimsham Green (nearest to the development), Yate Academy and Chipping Sodbury. There are currently 328 surplus places across these three secondary schools. This surplus is more than sufficient to meet the immediate need arising from the development.

We anticipate an increase in the number of pupils requiring secondary provision and propose expanding one of the existing schools to meet demand for places. Discussions with schools will start in early 2023 before progressing feasibility and design, with a view to completing the expansion for the 2026/27 academic year. This will be ahead of any increased demand arising from the development.

Community facilities

Can you provide an update on the Fletcher Way care home progress?

Construction work started in Autumn 2022, and it is anticipated that the build will take 18 months and will be finished in early 2024. Further updates will be provided during 2023.

When do you anticipate the local centre, including shop, at Leechpool Way to be completed?

Construction is currently underway as are discussions with an operator. The developer anticipates all elements of the local centre, including the shop, will be complete by summer 2023.

What is the anticipated completion date of the community centre building on Leechpool Way?

We are unable to provide a completion date for the community centre at this stage. Given the current financial environment, we are reviewing our programme to ensure that our approach will result in buildings which are affordable to build and operate in the long-term as well as being sustainable.
A further update will be available in spring 2023.

When will the play areas and open spaces be finished?

We have been working with the developers since 2021 to complete the public open spaces. Most recently, the developer has been sent a replacement planting schedule to enable their landscape contractor to source trees in ample time for the planting season.

The sign-off of public open space can take time, but in our view the current process at Ladden Garden Village is comparable to developments of a similar size. At this time, we anticipate that the Phase 1 public open space will be handed over to the management company in the first half of 2023.

What is the current situation regarding the allotments – both on and off-site in the Yate area?

The developers have secured contractors to deliver the Rockwood House allotments (located off Gravel Hill Road) and their programme states a completion date of August 2023, with work to commence in February 2023.

The on-site allotments are to be located to the east of Randolph Avenue, at the entrance to Ladden Garden Village. These are not due to be delivered until 80 per cent of the adjacent housing parcels have been occupied. These housing parcels do not yet have detailed planning permission and therefore the allotments are not anticipated to be delivered before 2025.


When will the 20mph speed limit be put in place?

The residential area includes traffic calming measures and has been designed to encourage 20mph speeds throughout the neighbourhood.

A traffic regulation order is required to put in a place an enforceable 20mph zone. We will prepare the plans and undertake public consultation in due course, so that the order can be agreed and put in place as the roads are adopted.

In the meantime, the developer has erected temporary 20mph signs (black on yellow) across the site.

Many roads still require top surfacing. When do the developers plan to complete this work?

Road surfacing is the developers responsibility, rather than something we control.

Whilst there are roads that still require their final top surfacing, several have already been surfaced. These include Reed Road, Bence Road, Cowles Road, Charles Road, part of Dowsell Way, Francis Road, Derham Crescent and Turner Road.

There is a single construction access route from Randolph Avenue, which has delayed the surfacing of Dowsell Way and Fletcher Road.

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