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We are responsible for the naming of all roads and streets, and for the naming and numbering of all properties (residential, commercial and industrial) within South Gloucestershire.

We do this in consultation with parish councils and Royal Mail.

You must contact us to get a new address officially approved. This could be if you are:

  • planning a new development
  • constructing a new property
  • converting an existing property or
  • want to change the name of a property

A new road name has to be approved before numbers can be issued.

An address can only be given a postcode by Royal Mail once it has been officially named and numbered by us.

Once a postcode has been assigned by Royal Mail we notify multiple agencies including:

  • public utilities
  • emergency services
  • Land Registry
  • Ordnance Survey
  • relevant council services

It is the responsibility of the developer to inform Royal Mail when the new property is occupied so they can make it live on their database.

If you need more information, you can contact us by:

email: streetnamingandnumbering@southglos.gov.uk
phone: 01454 863628

Street name signs

Our StreetCare team is responsible for the street name signs on most public roads in South Gloucestershire. 

Use the FindMyStreets website to check if a street is maintained by us.

You can report a problem with a damaged or missing street name sign here.

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