We are required to keep a list of streets, which is an alphabetical record of those streets that are maintained at public expense within South Gloucestershire. These are known as adopted roads or adopted highways.

Changes are only made to the list when we agree:

  • to adopt a private road or street
  • permission for a developer to ‘stop up’ (alter, remove or divert) a street

We update the list of streets on a monthly basis.

You can check which streets are maintained by us and which are private (or ‘unadopted’) on the FindMyStreet website, which uses up-to-date list of streets data from every local authority in England and Wales.

Highway searches

if you need further information, or for official enquiries as part of a conveyancing transaction you should apply for a highway search.

We offer the following search levels:

  • Highway colour PDF plan only is £35.40
  • Highway Search – highway questions with no Plan is £51.20
  • Highway Search – Highway questions and Colour Plan is £71.90

We do not charge VAT for the above services.

How to pay for a highway search online

You can pay for only one search or plan at a time using our online form.  If you have more than one search or plan request you will need to complete the form more than once.

You can pay online via our pay for it page by following these steps: 

  • select other payments
  • choose DECS/Street Care/Highways in the drop down menu
  • select the search level you want
  • fill in the address information for both the property search and your company or organisation
  • enter your card details

You will be sent an electronic receipt and we will receive a system generated receipt, so we will know when you have paid. 

For more information of the list of streets or to check specific adoption information contact us by:

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