When you request technology enabled care, we will contact you to arrange a home visit so we can recommend the most suitable solution.


The cost of technology enabled care depends on the sensors and alarms you have, the charges are set out below:

  • £30 one-off installation charge
  • £17.20 per month for a basic lifeline and pendant or wrist alarm
  • £24 per month for a basic lifeline plus additional sensors (for example linked smoke alarms, bed monitor)

These charges do not include VAT. You may be exempt from VAT if you make a declaration.

There is no further installation charge for additional sensors added at a later date.

The charge for lost or damaged equipment, will include the cost of the equipment plus £16.90 for delivery and re-installation.

If a sensor or alarm is activated, you may also pay for the cost of the phone call to the monitoring centre.

I you would like more information about the charges for the different sensors and alarms you can speak to a member of our Telecare team on 01454 866898.


Payment for the initial installation and subsequent service is by direct debit.

You will receive a form to set up the direct debit. If you need help completing the form, let the Telecare installer know.

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