Find below an explanation of what happens during and after an adult social care needs assessment.

The assessment itself

A member of our team will visit you to carry out the assessment.

You will be asked some questions which will help identify how best we can help you.

You may wish to have someone act on your behalf or with you, for example a relative, a friend or someone who cares for you.

If you need help communicating your views, we will make sure that you have the right support to enable you to communicate your views and wishes. Find out more on our advocacy support page.

After your assessment you will receive a letter which will tell you whether we can offer support.

This letter will include a brief description of your aims (what you would like to but are unable to do without support), needs and outcomes.

It will also say whether you are eligible for support for us and an approximate cost of that support, if so.

Care and support plan

If it is agreed that you would benefit from some help, we will put together a care and support plan with you.

Your plan sets out your daily routine, the things that are important to you, your aims and what you would like to happen to help you achieve those aims.

Once your care and support plan is complete and fully agreed we will confirm a final figure for the costs involved. This amount is called your personal budget.

Care and support plans should be reviewed on a yearly basis, in case your care and support needs change.

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