We clean busy streets and town centres 7 times per week. All other streets in South Gloucestershire are cleaned when needed.

Tell us if you spot a problem with litter or dog fouling.

This can be:

  • litter in a public place
  • dog mess that needs to be cleared
  • if you witness someone littering
  • if you witness someone not cleaning up after their dog

Litter on private land is the responsibility of the landowner.

Dog owners must clean up after their dogs by law. Registered guide dogs owners are exempt.

How to report it

We need to know the location and details of the problem.

What happens next

If you are reporting litter or dog fouling on council maintained land, we aim to remove it within 3 working days.

More information

If the littering is caused by overflowing or damaged bins, you can report this on our problem with a litter or dog bin page.

We are committed to making sure that our area remains clean and attractive. Find out more about our action on environmental crime.

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