We are responsible for cleaning graffiti from council owned properties within 3 working days.

Priority is given to offensive and hate related graffiti.

How to report it

Give us as much detail as possible such as:

  • the location
  • details of the graffiti
  • photo evidence

If you saw the graffiti being created tell us:

  • the date and time of the incident
  • what the person looked like
  • description of any vehicles involved (make, model, colour, signage, vehicle registration)

What happens next

We aim to clear graffiti within 3 working days.

Graffiti that is offensive and racist will be prioritised and cleared within 24 hours.

If the graffiti is on utility equipment it is the utility company’s responsibility and if it is on bus shelters owned by the town or parish council it is their responsibility to remove it.

Graffiti on private properties or land

We can also remove graffiti from a private property or land but will need consent from the owner. There is a charge of £96.70 an hour.

Police involvement

If the graffiti or stickers relate to terrorist groups or far right organisations, you should also report it to the police. We will remove it once they complete their enquiries.

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