There are items that can’t go in any of your bins or boxes and should be taken to one of our Sort It recycling centres instead. These include:

  • furniture
  • fridges and other large electrical appliances
  • mattresses
  • duvets, pillows and cushions
  • carpet
  • car or vehicle batteries
  • light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • DIY and hazardous waste

There are ways to dispose of large household items if you can’t transport them yourself.

Soft plastics

Our household recycling collection service does not include soft plastics, such as carrier bags, bread bags, food pouches and wrappers. However there is currently a household collection trial underway in some areas for this.

Do not put soft plastic out for recycling unless you are on the trial. It is not possible to request to join the trial.

You can recycle soft plastics at some supermarkets.

Why items are sometimes not collected

There are occasions when our waste contractor is unable to take everything you put out for recycling. If this happens they will leave a sticker.

It is usually for one of the following reasons:

Incorrect or unsafe items

  • non-recyclable materials, for example drinking glasses, black plastic and plant pots
  • hazardous items, for example broken glass, gas canisters and needles
  • small appliance batteries or vapes not in a bag

Contaminated items

  • items contaminated with food, for example take away pizza boxes
  • jars, tubs and bottles not emptied and rinsed
  • wet or damp textiles

Unsafe containers

The boxes we provide for recycling are designed to be used safely with our collection vehicles.

Do not use your own containers. They might get damaged and we do not pay compensation.

Order recycling boxes free of charge.

Unlined food bin

If food waste is loose inside your bin this makes it harder for the crew to empty and it can spill onto the ground.

We advise putting it in a bag or wrapping it in paper. This also helps to keep your bin clean.

Unsorted recycling

If your recycling is mixed up it takes the collection crews longer to separate and spot items that shouldn’t be there.

Help us by sorting your recycling following the guidance on the what goes in your green boxes page.

Check a specific item

Use the look-up tool on the Recycle Now website to check how to dispose of a specific household item.

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