We provide every household in South Gloucestershire with:

  • two green recycling boxes
  • a food recycling bin
  • a kitchen caddy
  • one black wheelie bin
  • a green wheelie bin for each garden waste subscription 

Flats in the area have communal bins for waste and recycling.

You can order free replacements for lost or damaged bins and boxes, or request extra recycling boxes free of charge.

Order new bins and boxes

It may take up to 10 working days for your new bins and/or boxes to be delivered.

If you have already ordered a new bin or box and it has not yet been delivered, call us on 01454 868000. Don’t place another request as this will create a duplicate order.

Orders for bins and boxes are monitored to identify issues with collections.

Extra non-recyclable waste

If you are struggling to manage your waste due to special circumstances, you can request an extra black bin.

Garden waste sacks and compost bins

You can buy a single-use garden waste sack and request a one-off garden waste collection.

We sell compost bins on specific dates at our recycling centres.

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