We charge £38.04 to collect up to 3 large household items from your home. This is reduced to £19.02 if you receive certain benefits.

There are organisations that will collect them for free if they are in good condition. These include:

Benefits that give you a discount

  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Employment and Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit (and not working)

When booking you will need to provide your National Insurance number to have the reduced price applied.

How to book

To book call us on 01454 868000, alternatively you can visit a One Stop Shop (we cannot accept cash).

We do not collect fixtures and fittings, building waste, sheeting used to cover items or sheds as part of the large household waste collection.

We will collect large items that you normally take with you when you move house, for example:

  • furniture
  • domestic fridges and freezers
  • washing machines
  • mattresses
  • electrical items

How it works

Items must be put outside by 7am on the day of collection. Our collectors are not allowed to enter your property.

Fridges and freezers must be empty of food. Soft furnishings need to be kept dry.

Leave items intact if you can. If an item has to be dismantled, put the pieces in a neat pile so they can be easily and safely removed.

We will only collect the items booked.

Cancellations and changes

To cancel your booking or change the items being collected please call us at least 2 working days before your collection is due.

You can only get a refund if you cancel your booking at least 2 working days before the collection date.

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