Before you report a missed collection:

  • for garden waste, check if your subscription is still active on our Waste and recycling collection dates page (If your subscription has expired it will say ‘No subscriptions found’ and you will need to apply, rather than renew, to restart your garden waste collection)
  • use our collection date look up to check that you have put your bins and recycling out on the right day (by 7am)
  • was your waste and recycling sorted correctly and bin lid closed? If not, our collection crew will leave a notice on your bin or recycling box to explain why it wasn’t collected – this is not a missed collection
  • check your garden waste bin subscription is active if reporting a missed garden waste bin collection
Report a missed waste or recycling collection

If you live in a flat and use communal recycling bins call us on 01454 868000 to report a missed collection.


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