If you live in a block of flats there are usually shared bins for waste and recycling.


Recycling must be sorted into the bins provided for:

Paper, cardboard and cartons

Remove plastic and polystyrene packing and flatten larger cardboard boxes

No cardboard contaminated with food

Plastic bottles, tubs and trays, metal cans, foil, and aerosols

Empty and rinse all items

No black plastic or bioplastic

Glass bottles and jars

Empty and rise all items

No drinking glasses

Management companies and residents must make sure that bin stores are accessible and safe for the collection crews.

Overfilled bins will not be emptied and items left beside the bins – with the exception of large pieces of cardboard – will not be collected.

Contact your managing agent or landlord to arrange the removal of any additional waste.

General waste

General waste bins are for household waste items that can’t be recycled from home or at one of our recycling centres.

We will not collect large household fixtures and fittings or furniture left in your bin storage area. You could use our large household waste collection service for these or donate them to charity or take them to our Revive reuse shop.

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