We have 2 strategies:

These were developed in partnership with Sport England and national governing bodies for sport, based on research into current and future levels of demand.

Our vision

Our vision and that of our partners is “To ensure that there are enough playing pitches and related facilities in South Gloucestershire of the right type, the right quality and in the right place to meet the needs of the inhabitants of the district now and in the future.”

The vision for the Indoor and Built Sports Facilities Strategy is “To progress the development of a network of high quality, accessible and sustainable sports facilities capable of promoting healthy lifestyles, including a strong health and wellbeing offer and the provision of inclusive services for all; enabling the inactive to become active and more residents to fulfil their potential by participating in sport and physical activity, thus improving their long-term health and wellbeing.”

The focus of these strategies is to provide direction to all partners, so together they can plan and develop a more flexible, efficient and sustainable range of community based sport and leisure facilities. These will ensure residents have the opportunity to be physically active, healthier and, where appropriate, develop their sporting ambitions.

We will review these plans as necessary in line with relevant policies and guidance.

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