We have the following strategies and policies relating to adult social care.

Ageing better plan

The 65 and older age group is predicted to grow and will make the largest proportional population increases.

Our Ageing Better Plan 2019 to 2023 sets out the guiding principles that all organisations working with older people in South Gloucestershire commit to.

All age learning disability

The All Age Learning Disability Strategy sets out our vision and priorities for people of any age with a learning disability in South Gloucestershire from April 2022 to March 2027.

The strategy been developed with the Learning Difficulties Partnership Board. It includes input from parents and carers, providers, practitioners, commissioners, schools, and adults and young people with learning disabilities.

You can get involved in the work we are doing by getting involved with the Learning Difficulties Partnership Board.

Carers strategy

The Carers Strategy 2022 to 2027 sets out our focus and priorities for all carers in South Gloucestershire.

It has been developed by engaging with a wide range of carers through formal consultation and gaining feedback from focus groups and events.

We have worked with a range of partners, providers, schools and community groups supporting carers, including young carers, young adult carers and parent carers.

Charging policy

The Adult Social Care Charging Policy 2021 to 2024 sets out our position on charging for adult social care services.

This policy has been developed following a consultation with residents who receive care and support and may be affected by any changes.

Health and wellbeing

The Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy is a plan that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in South Gloucestershire.

It focuses on local health and wellbeing priorities. This includes measurement of how we are doing in improving these priorities and advice to local organisations and communities about what they can do to improve health and wellbeing.

Local account

Our local account sets out how well we are doing in meeting the needs of our residents who require care and support.

Local accounts are annual reports designed to give residents a clear picture of:

  • the achievements made in adult social care and how well we are performing
  • the changes and challenges we are facing
  • our plans for future improvements

Market sustainability

The market sustainability plan sets out the trends, forecast and planned approach for meeting the demand for adult care and support.

This document is aimed at health and social care providers, both those who work with us already and those who have the desire and potential to do so.

You can also find our Market Position Statement 2020.

Market sustainability and fair cost of care fund

The government announced plans in September 2021 to give funding for local authorities to pay providers a fair rate of care.

This was followed by:

We commissioned C-CO and worked with providers and Care and Support West to collect information from care providers in South Gloucestershire.

This data has been analysed by C-CO to help us understand the costs of providing care. The cost and the price are not necessarily the same thing.

Using this work we are having further discussions with care providers and undertaking further analysis to:

  • understand what a fair cost of care is
  • find out what we need to do to ensure long term mutual sustainability
  • make sure adults receiving care and support get the best possible outcomes

Following an analysis of the information collected, the results are available in the following reports:

If you need these reports in a more accessible format contact providerinfo@southglos.gov.uk

We are currently engaging with care providers over our market sustainability plan which will be published in due course.

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