Research governance makes sure that quality research is carried out and that risks to those involved in research projects are well managed. This includes safeguarding the public and us as the council.  

If you want to carry out research and require access to the personal data we hold or require access to our customers, service users, stakeholders or staff then you need to get approval.

Who research governance applies to

Our research governance applies to: 

  • South Gloucestershire Council staff 
  • contracted providers 
  • independent organisations and agents acting on behalf us or who require access to our information or clients.

Apply to carry out research

You can find out more about the process, how to apply and download the application form in our research governance guide

Return the completed application by emailing

Additional approval

Other approvals may be required for your research such as:

  • research studies involving 4 or more local authority social services departments will need approvals from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services or the Association of Directors of Children’s Services
  • some research may require NHS Health Research Authority approval including review by an NHS Research Ethics Committee
  • students who are undertaking research as part of a formal university programme to achieve a qualification (MSc, PhD) should seek to obtain a university ethical review for their project if this is required before submitting a research governance application us  

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