The council plan is our overarching strategy for the council. It sets out the key actions we will take over the next 4 years to achieve the best for our residents and communities.

Grounded in hundreds of conversations with local people, it explains how we will play our part in creating a fairer, greener future for the places we call home.

The 3 top issues you told us were most important to you are housing, transport, and climate and nature. We have put these at the heart of the new plan.

Our goals

The plan has 5 core goals.

  1. Respond to the climate and nature emergency
  2. Help reduce inequalities
  3. Support children and young people to thrive
  4. Support wellbeing and independence in our communities
  5. Build better places with secure affordable housing and good sustainable transport links

Easy read version of the council plan

We will provide an annual review of the impact of the plan using an inequalities scorecard that we have tested and developed with local advocacy groups.

To make sure that we are transparent and accountable we have a performance framework. Progress will be reported every 6 months over the 4 year period of the plan.

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