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We use an asset management approach to look after our highways in South Gloucestershire.  

What asset management is  

Asset management is a structured process of maintaining, developing or upgrading assets.  

The major assets we have in our area include: 

  • roads 
  • footways 
  • structures such as bridges 

How we use asset management for our highways 

We use asset management principles to make decisions about what maintenance, repairs or replacements we need to fund, and deciding which will offer the best value for money. 

Asset management allows us to look at all transport issues collectively so we can plan to make the best use of limited resources. 

It also provides us with data to bid for additional funding. 

Our highway asset management framework

We have a highways asset management framework that sets out how using this approach has helped us with the following:

  • early investment
  • improving the condition of our highway infrastructure
  • reduce maintenance backlogs


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