Anyone who has a civil partnership, formed in England or Wales, can change this into a civil marriage. 

What is involved 

There are two possible stages to the ‘conversion’ which is a legal paper process, with the option to have a celebratory ceremony. 

Conversion without ceremony

The couple will need to: 

  • attend an appointment with a superintendent registrar in the register office (this can be at any local authority) 
  • bring evidence of identity, proof of address and the original civil partnership registration certificate 
  • sign a declaration to confirm that the couple have not dissolved their civil partnership, and that they both wish to convert their civil partnership into a marriage 
  • have the conversion registered and a certificate issued 

The couple may optionally choose to say the declaration wording aloud to one another before signing the declaration. 

Conversion with celebratory ceremony

For couples wishing to hold a celebratory ceremony, the couple will need to: 

  • attend an appointment in person with a Superintendent Registrar in the register office (this can be at any local authority) 
  • bring evidence of their identity, proof of address and the original civil partnership registration certificate 

A legal declaration will be drawn up for signature at a later date, but not more than one year after the appointment. 

A second stage will involve: 

  • the couple both signing the declaration confirming they have not dissolved their civil partnership, and that they both wish to convert their civil partnership into a marriage – this must be done in front of a Superintendent Registrar (including those taking place in a religious building) 
  • a ceremony can then be conducted by the Superintendent Registrar at the register office or at an approved premise, or by the minister for the religious building 
  • after the ceremony the Superintendent Registrar will register the declaration online and a marriage certificate will be posted to the couple 


The following are approved non-religious premises within South Gloucestershire where the ceremony can be held.

The South Gloucestershire Register Office 

Kingswood Civic Centre
High Street
BS15 9TR

List of approved premises

  • Alveston House Hotel, Alveston, BS35 2LA
  • Aztec Hotel, Aztec West, Almondsbury, BS32 4TS
  • Berwick Lodge, Berwick Drive, Henbury, BS10 7TD
  • Bristol Golf Club, Almondsbury, BS10 7TP
  • Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6AD
  • The Compass Inn, Tormarton, GL9 1JB
  • Eastwood Park, Falfield, GL12 8DA
  • The Gables Hotel, Falfield, GL12 8DL
  • Hamswell House, Hamswell, Bath BA1 9DG
  • Henfield Barn, The Hollows, Henfield BS36 2UU
  • Hilton Bristol, Woodlands Lane, Bradley Stoke BS32 4JF
  • Holiday Inn, Filton, BS16 1QX
  • The Kendleshire Golf Club, Henfield Road, Coalpit Heath, BS36 2TG
  • Memorial Woodlands, Earthcott Green, Alveston, BS35 3TA
  • Mercure Bristol North, The Grange, Winterbourne BS36 1RP
  • Old Down Manor, Foxholes Lane, Tockington BS32 4PG
  • The Park Hotel, Falfield GL12 8DR
  • Poole Court, Poole Court Drive, Yate BS37 5PP
  • The Ship Inn, Thornbury Avenue, Alveston, Bristol BS35 3LL
  • Thornbury Castle, Thornbury, BS35 1HH
  • Thornbury Golf Centre, Bristol Road, Thornbury BS35 3XL
  • Tortworth Court Four Pillars Hotel, Tortworth, GL12 8HH
  • Tracy Park, Wick, BS30 5RN


Without ceremony 

The fee for conversion at a register office is £45 plus £11 for each marriage certificate required. 

With ceremony

There is an initial fee of £27 payable when the couple attend the appointment to see the Superintendent Registrar and produce their required documents.

For the second stage of the process, there is either:

  • a fee for a celebratory ceremony at an approved premise or register office or
  • a fee of £91 for the Superintendent Registrar to attend for the signing of the declaration if the ceremony is in a religious building

A celebratory ceremony at the register office costs £210. The register office is available Monday to Friday and can accommodate up to four guests.

Fees for a celebratory ceremony at approved premises are as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday £268
  • Friday and Saturday £310
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays £352

Each marriage certificate costs £11.

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