The shop is now open Monday to Sunday 9am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 4pm.

Revive, our reuse shop, sells reusable items that have been brought to our recycling centres, such as furniture, bikes, crockery, CDs, DVDs, picture frames and much more.

Take your items that could be reused to any of our recycling centres and ask a member of staff where you can leave them.

How it works

Reusable items are collected from each recycling centre and taken to Thornbury where they are sorted and put out for sale in the shop.

The shop is managed and SUEZ, our waste contractor, and the sale of items is used to pay for the running of the shop. Reusing these items benefits the council because they don’t need to be sent elsewhere to be processed for recycling or disposal.

Please note: we have limited storage space and whether an item is accepted depends on our stock levels, buying trends and the condition and style of the item.

Revive location and opening times

The Revive shop is at Thornbury Sort It recycling centre, Short Way, Thornbury, BS35 3UT 

The shop is normally open Monday to Sunday 9am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 4pm.

Opening times changes

Week starting 6 February 2023, the Revive shop will be open:

  • Monday to Friday – open 9am to 12pm and 1.30 to 4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday – closed

What you can and can’t donate or buy  

Items in a reusable condition that can be accepted include:

  • battery powered items such as torches, toys, clocks etc.
  • bags and luggage 
  • bicycles, bike racks
  • building supplies in small quantities such as tiles, doors, coving 
  • CD 
  • clocks 
  • crockery and cutlery 
  • DVD 
  • furniture – large and small items with a valid fire safety label 
  • games 
  • garden furniture, tools and equipment 
  • jewellery 
  • kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery 
  • picture frames 
  • pushchairs 
  • shoes and boots 
  • soft furnishings – with a valid fire safety label 
  • sports equipment – except safety equipment 
  • tools 
  • toys 

*stuffed furniture and soft furnishings must have a valid fire safety label. 

Items that can’t be accepted include:

  • safety equipment – helmets, car seats, safety harnesses 
  • soft furnishings or furniture without a valid fire safety label 
  • items that use fuel – petrol powered lawn mowers and strimmers etc. 
  • mains powered items 
  • items that cannot be reused 

If you are not sure, just check with a member of staff at the recycling centre.  

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