Charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASC) can claim charitable rate relief of up to 80% if the building is used for charitable or sports club purposes. This is called mandatory charity relief.

The property must be occupied by the charity or club to qualify for a discount and it must be wholly or mainly used for charitable or CASC purposes.

In some cases, we can top up this relief by a further 20%.

Non-profit voluntary and community organisations may also be able to get discretionary relief of up to 100%.

How to apply for a business rate discount

You will need to download, complete and return a charity and sports club relief application.

To be considered for the top relief or discretionary relief you will also need to send us a covering letter asking to be considered for this relief.

You should include information about the community you serve and how it has benefited from your support as this will support your request.

We have clear guidelines on how discretionary rate relief can be awarded. You can request a copy of this document using the contact details on this page.

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