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Start again?

From 25 December until 13 January your normal collection days will change, even if your collection day does not fall on a bank holiday. See the changes here.

If you live in a flat and use communal recycling bins, your collection dates may not show up. Call us on 01454 868000 for information about your collections.

How often we collect waste and recycling


  • recycling (green boxes)
  • food waste (kitchen caddy/food bin)


  • non-recyclable waste (black wheelie bin)
  • garden waste (green wheelie bin) if subscribed

Where and when to put your waste and recycling out

  • your bins and recycling boxes must be put outside your property by 7am on your collection day
  • make sure the lid is closed on your black and green wheelie bin
  • after collection it is your responsibility to take your bins and recycling boxes back on to your property
  • if you are unable to put your bins out for collection due to health or mobility reasons, you can request an assisted collection

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