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Census 2021 data are now being incorporated into Population Health Intelligence Portal (PHIP) dashboards as it is made available by the Office for National Statistics.
Due to the phased approach to the release of Census 2021 data, users should pay close attention to the time period data refers to.
Briefing notes summarising the early findings of Census 2021 data can be found on our Census page.

About this dashboard

This dashboard forms part of the South Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Board’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

The purpose of this tool is to use data and intelligence to provide a current and comprehensive overview of the health and wellbeing of the South Gloucestershire population, framed in the context of health inequalities and local strategies.

By providing this broad overview, this dashboard aims to help with local prioritisation, by supporting users to understand need in the local population around key themes.

In some cases, this will highlight where further in-depth analysis is required, or, if already available, provide links to additional sources of intelligence and insight. This serves as a gateway to enable a more in-depth understanding of population need.

What is included?

The first section offers some context on health inequalities in South Gloucestershire, a theme that runs throughout the JSNA.

It also provides an overview of the local population including:

  • population size and projections
  • mortality and burden of disease
  • wider determinants
  • vulnerable groups

Prioritised topic areas are grouped into the following broad life course themes:

  • Best start in life and developing well (children and young people)
  • Living well (working age and all-age indicators)
  • Ageing well (ages 65+)

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