Life expectancy in South Gloucestershire is 84 years for females and 82 years for males (OHID, Fingertips). 19% of the South Gloucestershire population is over the age of 65, and this group is predicted to grow and make the largest proportional population increase over the next two decades (ONS, Population Projections).

Life expectancy in England has risen by more than five years in the past two decades, yet these increases have not been matched by an increase in healthy life expectancy (OHID, Fingertips). Promoting productive healthy ageing is therefore an imperative.

In South Gloucestershire, an average of 16.3 years are spent in poor health by men and 17.4 years by women (OHID, Fingertips), and the Global Burden of Disease Report highlights a national increase in the number of years lived with a disability (GBD, 2019).

Cancers and cardiovascular disease make up a significant proportion of the burden of disease. Dementia, falls, social isolation and loneliness, and malnutrition are also important factors.

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