Open Access is extended library opening hours and means you can go in and use the library even when there are no staff there.

How to get Open Access

You will need to be a member of the library to get Open Access and complete an induction session.

The minimum age to use this service is 16 years old. Children under 16 years old are welcome when accompanied with a parent or carer.

Have an induction session

You can come to a library induction session at one of the times below.

You will need to bring your Active library card number and proof of address with you.

The sessions usually last about 20 minutes.

You can use any library with Open Access once signed up. It is important to check the location of emergency exits when visiting a library you have not used before.

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Open Access times

Check the Open Access times for your local library.

You do not need to book in advance and will be able to let yourself in using your Library Active card number and PIN.

Facilities available

The facilities available during Open Access hours include:

  • computer access
  • access to online e-resources
  • free wifi
  • borrow, renew and return library items
  • printing
  • use the space to read, study or work

Watch our short video on open access which explains how it works and why you might want to use it.

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