If you are on a low income, council tax reduction could help you pay your council tax bill.

Who can apply

You can apply for council tax reduction if:

  • you are responsible for paying the council tax for the property you live in
  • you and any partner are on a low income (you could be in work, self-employed, receiving a pension or receiving benefits)

Amount of reduction

There are different rules about how much reduction you could receive depending on whether you are working age or state pension age.

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Apply for council tax reduction

To apply for council tax reduction, you will need to complete an application form.

The form is best filled out on a laptop or computer. You can access computers for free at your local library.

Once you have completed the form, email it to housingbenefit@southglos.gov.uk.

You can ask for a paper copy of the form. Call us on 01454 868002 or visit one of our One Stop Shops.

If you are applying in person you will need to hand in your form and any supporting documents for your claim at one of our One Stop Shops.

We can also provide support with completing your form if needed.

Where possible provide original documents. We may ask for further evidence if it is required.

Privacy notice

Find out how we collect, use and share your data in our privacy notice for housing benefit, discretionary housing payments and local council tax reduction.

Sometimes we need information about other people who live in the same household as you so we can work out how much you will be eligible for.

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