There is a wide range of activities for children and young people in South Gloucestershire.

Our find information and guidance pages have a list of things to do, including activities at youth clubs and sport and leisure centres.

We also offer holiday activities and food clubs for children aged 5 to 16 years who live in South Gloucestershire.


There are lots of activities for babies and young children at our libraries.

There are clubs for children and young people, such as Lego, coding and Chatterbox reading groups at our libraries.

Look out for free, fun holiday activities at our libraries.

Parks, skate parks and play areas

To help your children get active you can find out about the parks with play areas and the skate parks in South Gloucestershire.

Community Farm

We have a small community farm at Grimsbury Farm in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire.

You can visit all our animals for free. We have pigs, goats, cattle, donkeys, sheep, poultry and small animals.

Wildlife walks and nature reserves

South Gloucestershire has some outstanding countryside and wildlife. We have developed walking routes and bat audio trails to help you to discover the wildlife in your local area.

South Gloucestershire has many local nature reserves and woodlands which are managed for both people and wildlife. You can visit the community café and look out for special events at Willsbridge Valley nature reserve.

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