You can find out about corporate parenting and our plans for looking after children and young people in our care on this page.

Corporate parenting

Corporate parenting is the term used to describe our legal responsibility to act as a good parent to the children and young people that we look after.

It means caring about children and making sure that they are safe, healthy and able to achieve their personal goals.

Many children and young people in and leaving care have faced considerable challenges. They are amongst the most vulnerable groups in our community and have both a need and right for their corporate parents to be robust and supportive. 

Our promises

To demonstrate our commitment we have made a pledge to children in care which we have called our promises.

We plan to deliver these promises and to prioritise what children and young people have identified as most important to them. 

There is information for children and young people about the promises on the Us In Care website

Plans and strategies

Our corporate parenting strategy sets out how we will fulfil our corporate parenting responsibilities. 

We will continue to listen to children and young people about what is important to them.

We will listen to their views about how well we are delivering our promises and improving their lives. 

The strategy is one of several linked strategies addressing our key priorities, including:

Our local offer for care leavers

Our local offer for care leavers includes information about the services and support available for care leavers in South Gloucestershire. 

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