Advice and guidance about waste and recycling for students and house sharers (people who live in a house in multiple occupation – HMO).

Managing your waste and recycling is easy to do and keeps your home, your street and the environment cleaner.

When you move in

Check you have your:

  • black wheelie bin for non-recyclable waste – collected fortnightly
  • green boxes for recycling – collected weekly
  • kitchen caddy for food waste – collected weekly

If you are missing any, or need more you can order new bins and boxes online free of charge.

Check your collection day

You can check when your next collection is due on our waste and recycling collection dates page.

Important things to remember:

  • your bins and boxes must be put out by 7am on collection day
  • make sure any lids are closed
  • stack your boxes putting the heaviest on top to weigh lighter ones down
  • it also helps to squash and flatten cans, plastic bottles and cardboard
  • extra bags of rubbish left with your bin will not be collected
  • bring your bins and boxes back in after they have been emptied

Leaving your containers out and not managing your waste responsibly creates a nuisance to neighbours and could also mean you receive a fine.

We take enforcement action against tenants and landlords of properties where we get regular complaints about rubbish and recycling not being disposed of properly.

How to sort your waste and recycling

Check what you can and can’t put in each container.

Do not put any recycling in your black bin.

When you move out

When you leave your accommodation at the end of the year:

  • reuse and recycle as much as you can – donate unwanted clothes, furniture and other reusable items to charity shops
  • do not leave any bags or items behind, they will not be collected and will cause litter problems for your neighbours, university and the council
  • if someone in your house has a car, take extra waste and recycling to a recycling centre (you will need to register your vehicle before you visit)
  • arrange a collection for up to 3 large household items by calling 01454 868000

Contact us

If you need help with your waste use the details in the contact box on this page.

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