You can request a building control inspection from us at least 2 working days before the planned start date of your project. Further notice is required for additional inspection stages of work.

Request a building control inspection

To ensure that building work meets national building regulations, we carry out a number of inspections. 

At the start of the project a building control surveyor may visit you. They will introduce themselves, discuss the project and answer any questions you may have.  

This inspection is the first of up to 10 inspection stages. These stages of inspection and the period of notice you need to give us are listed below.  

This is not a complete list and other inspections may be required in addition to these. 


Stage of work  Notice required 
Commencement 2 days
Excavation of foundations prior to concreting 1 day
Foundations concrete 1 day
Building over the damp-proof course 1 day
Over-site before concreting 1 days
Laying drains prior to back filling 1 day
Drains test after back filling 5 days (after)
Installation of structural members (floor joists, roof structure, steel beams etc) 1 day
Occupation (if before completion) 5 days
Completion 5 days (after)


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