We are working with the local community, businesses and investors on a masterplan for Kingswood town centre.

This will give us the opportunity to think about:

  • what is valued
  • possible changes and improvements
  • how the area is used in the future

The aim of the masterplan is to set a framework for future change and a shared vision to make Kingswood ‘a great place to shop, work, live, visit and enjoy’.

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About the masterplan

The masterplan will help shape the future of the town centre to balance needs, opportunities and pressures for change into a clear strategy.

It’s not a rigid plan for development, but it will set out which individual projects can be co-ordinated in a complementary way.

It puts sustainable urban lifestyles at its core and strengthens the identity of Kingswood through its rich history.

The purpose of the masterplan is to:

  • establish a shared vision for the area
  • co-ordinate and integrate investment
  • raise ambitions and engage stakeholders
  • maintain a distinctive and high quality network of streets, spaces and mixed use development
  • provide a resilient and adaptable low carbon and sustainable environment

The Kingswood Masterplan will aim to further develop key issues in the Local Plan including the need to diversify our town centres, build strong local economies and respond to the climate emergency.

It will also help rebuild social wellbeing after coronavirus.

What it means

By putting this into action we strive to:

  • strengthen the cultural and historic heart
  • enhance and connect green spaces
  • provide a mixed commercial area
  • create opportunities for urban living

Key initiatives include:

  • pedestrianising Regent Street (East)
  • restoring the Whitfield Tabernacle
  • enhancing Kingswood Park
  • better signage and accessibility
  • focusing on Kings Chase Shopping Centre
  • improving residential developments, streets and public spaces

Have your say

The consultation closed on 10 October 2021.  

To read the consultation documents visit our consultation website.

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