Transforming Kingswood through investment in Regent Street to create an attractive high street is a key aim of the Kingswood Masterplan.

The masterplan represents a £25 million commitment to regenerate the town centre and surrounding areas. It puts sustainable urban lifestyles at its core and strengthens the identity of Kingswood through its rich history.

About the proposals

In May 2020 we shared a proposal for potential pedestrianisation in Kingswood, as part of a public consultation. Feedback showed that 69% of people were supportive of the principle of pedestrianisation to deliver the following benefits for the town:

  • more people shopping locally and staying longer
  • a more attractive, accessible place for the whole community
  • a strong and healthy high street
  • improved air quality

What we are doing

In 2021 we asked local people for their views on two potential options for diversion routes for traffic, a southern route and a northern route.

Detailed technical work uncovered challenges in delivering pedestrianisation – you can view a summary of the findings.

In 2023, recognising these challenges, we put forward additional options to achieve the original outcomes. We talked to people to understand how businesses use Regent Street and asked people what was important to them about Kingswood and to share their thoughts on additional options.

Parking changes

We have introduced free car parking for up to 4 hours in the Kings Chase car park, to support shopping on the high street, alongside the other 4 car parks in the area.

We are considering how a pedestrianisation scheme may impact parking in the high street area. We are talking to businesses and residents including accessibility groups to make sure the supply of on-street, off-street and disabled car parking are all considered as part of any proposed changes.

Next steps

Following a 9-week engagement period at the end of 2023, we will review all the comments we have received and share the results and next steps in early summer 2024.

We will keep talking to and working with the community, having conversations, as we move into the future design and development stages of the work.

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