You need to apply for a premises licence to sell alcohol, late night refreshments or provide entertainment. If you want to sell alcohol, you also need a personal licence.  

Premises licence 

You need a premises licence to:  

  • sell alcohol 
  • provide hot food or hot drink between 11pm and 5am 
  • provide entertainment – theatrical performances, show a film, indoor sporting events, boxing or wrestling, live music, recorded music, dances  

You still need a licence if the activities are for charity.  

You do not need a licence for educational or promotional films, entertainment that is part of an exhibition in a museum or for incidental music.  

Personal licence

If you wish to sell alcohol, you will need a personal licence as well as a premises licence. A personal licence authorises one person on the premises to be the designated premises supervisor (DPS). This means that any individual may sell alcohol as long as the sale has been authorised by the personal licence holder.  

Statement of licensing policy

The Statement of Licensing Policy was agreed on 16 February 2022 and commenced on 17 February 2022.

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