Parking enforcement is needed to:

  • improve traffic flow and ease congestion
  • ensure safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles
  • ensure fair use of limited parking spaces
  • improve access for all
  • protect and improve our environment

Bank holidays and school holidays

On street parking restrictions and bus lanes still apply on Sundays and bank holidays.

Parking restrictions by schools still apply during school holidays unless stated otherwise.


Obstruction and dangerous parking are police matters. These include parking on the pavement and across driveways and entrances.

We can only enforce where there are parking restrictions in place. If so, you can report this to us.

Any income created from parking enforcement is used to fund the parking enforcement service. If there are additional funds, these are used for transport initiatives under government policy.

You can read our parking enforcement policy here.

Keep clear markings

It is essential that keep clear markings are only used where:

  • emergency vehicles or service vehicles have had access problems
  • there is an identified injury accident problem
  • pedestrian crossing points are obstructed

We limit keep clear markings in residential areas as if there are too many, drivers will not respect them and may move the problem to a different location.

Yellow lines

If you think there is a good case for yellow lines in your area, contact us:

  • email –
  • write to us: South Gloucestershire Council, Transportation Services, Assess and Decide Team, PO Box 1954, Bristol, BS37 0DD

A Traffic Regulation Order is a legal document which follows a statutory process and must be created for markings, otherwise they cannot be enforced.

Before a Traffic Regulation Order can be made, we must advertise its intentions and consult with both the public and statutory services.  The proposals are publicised so that anyone can raise an objection.

This can take more than a year to complete and resources are limited. Any request will be considered when there is a traffic management review in that particular area.

Overnight parking for lorries

If a vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tonnes, there may be licensing conditions relating to on-street parking under the Licensing of Operators Act 1995.

When a licence is granted for an operating centre, the licensing authority must be satisfied that it is an off-street yard or in the case of an owner-driver, it may be outside where they live.

If you have any concerns about this issue in your area, you may contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) by email at: or by calling: 0300 123 9000.

If a large vehicle is causing an obstruction, you can report a parking problem to the police by calling 101.

Annual reports

Our most recent parking enforcement annual report is available in our downloads. For previous reports, contact us.

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