We can provide extra support for residents with clinical and medical waste, including sharps. Our collection service is free and confidential.

We do not provide a collection for unused medicines. Any expired and unwanted medicines should be taken to a pharmacy. Do not dispose of them in your waste bins, toilet or drain.


All needle-based items must be inside a sharps box for collection. This includes needles, lancets, syringes, expired or used EpiPens and empty insulin cartridges. You can collect a sharps box from your health worker or pharmacist.

When you need a collection, make a request using the button below and we will contact you to arrange one.

Clinical waste

Clinical waste is classed as being infectious or potentially infectious, and has to be handled, transported and disposed of separately.

Do not put it in your black bin. Keep it in the special bags provided, which will be collected weekly.

If you need this service, download and complete the application form and ask your healthcare worker to sign it.

Once we have processed your application we will advise you of your collection day.

Medical waste

If you do not have an infection your medical waste can go in your black bin.

Medical waste includes sanitary pads and incontinence pads.

You can request an extra black bin free of charge if you need it.

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