A landowner may prevent certain claims being made for additional rights of way over their land. 

Where the public are using routes which are not recorded public rights of way, a landowner can take action to let the public know they have no right to cross their land.

This needs to be plain to see and brought to the attention of the public. 

How to prevent a claim

Preventing use is set out in the legislation. This enables the landowner or their agent to send us a statement, map or declaration that shows the extent of their land and the rights that exist over it. 

Since October 2013 statements can be deposited for either rights of way and/or village greens. They need to be renewed every 20 years. 

Rights of way

A landowner may make a deposit under the Highways Act 1980 section 31(6) and under the Commons Act 2006 section 15A(1).

This protects land from the registration of a town or village green and may protect land from claimed public rights of way by means of deemed dedication under the Highways Act 1980 section 31(1).

You can find guidance on registering land as a town or village green on GOV.UK.

Register of deposits

We maintain a register of maps, statements and declarations deposited.

All deposits can be viewed on the register by using the link below. They can also be inspected free of charge at our Badminton Road office by emailing rightsofway@southglos.gov.uk to arrange an appointment.


You can find our fees on the application form. 

We use fees to cover costs of logging the application, making it available on our website and placing notices on site in the case of a village green deposit. 

If notices need to be placed at more than one location, there will be an additional charge per notice. 

Fees are reviewed annually. 


You can apply for landowner deposits by completing a statement application form.

Send your completed application form and fee by:

More information

To find more information on submitting a deposit, visit GOV.UK’s landowner statements, highways statements and declarations form.

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