A community governance review gives us an opportunity to review parish arrangements.  

It allows us to implement any appropriate changes to improve community engagement, local democracy and delivery of services in the local area. 

The review can include: 

  • creating, merging, altering or abolishing parishes 
  • the naming of parishes and the style of new parishes 
  • the electoral arrangements for parishes  
  • grouping parishes under a common parish council or degrouping parishes 

Who is consulted 

The consultation is publicly available to all residents and businesses.  

We will also consult with local councillors, community groups and associations, parish councils and MPs in the review areas.  

Every household located in the areas affected by the proposals will be written to and invited to respond. 

2022 changes

In October 2022 we agreed to make changes to the structure of community governance (town and parish councils) in South Gloucestershire.

The decision included the creation of 4 new parishes and a number of other amendments to parishes across the district.

Those changes are now set out in the South Gloucestershire (Reorganisation of Community Governance) Order 2023 which came into effect on 1 April 2023.

The Order makes provision for new councillors to be elected to the new councils in line with the ordinary day for elections within the district.

Our elections are held on a 4 yearly cycle. For the details of the next scheduled elections check the current and upcoming elections page.

Town and parish council maps

You can view our district map of town and parish councils.

You can also view individual area maps including the 4 new parishes below:

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